Box Office Super 30 Day 1: Hrithik Roshan's film gets a strong opening,


After a break of almost two years, Hrithik Roshan returned to
the big screen with Super 30. Vikas Bala. The film is based on
the life of a mathematician from Patna Anand Kumar, who
teaches low-income children free of charge and helps them
to crack the entrance to IIT. exam. With an inspiring story and
great cast, the Super 30 from Bahl begins a decent start at the
box office.

Bollywood celebrities flooded social networks, praising Hrithik
Roshan for his work right after the film was shown in Mumbai.
Judging by the early reactions, it is likely that the Super 30 will
succeed on the first day of its release. In addition, since Hrithik
was removed from the film after a long time, his fans gathered
theaters to catch a glimpse of their favorite 70-mm actor.


According to preliminary estimates, the Super 30 minted 12
crores of rupees (approximately) on the opening day.

Trade analyst Girish Johar told the Hindustan Times earlier:
“The buzz is very good since the launch of the trailer. Content
quality is very important these days, and Hrithik comes out in
two years. Unlike his earlier films that have an action movie,
song and dance, he is not a mainstream commercial artist,
but promises quality content. "


Hrithik may be praised for his performance, but critics are not
too impressed with his portrayal of Anand Kumar. IndiaToday.in
commentator Samrudhi Gosh gave the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars.


She wrote: “Although Hrithik Roshan is trying hard to look
convincing, like Anand Kumar, the brown makeup (the shades
of which vary in the film) just doesn’t cut it. Oddly enough,
although it took so much work to make an actor look darker,
there is nothing you can do about his naturally brown-green
eyes. Contact lenses, anyone? Accent Hrithik Bihari leaves
much to be desired. However, if you look at all this, it will
provide a serious work. "

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