Cashier Kabir Singh Day 24: Shahid Kapoor’s film remains unstoppable on its 4th weekend,


 Kabir Singh box office collection: Shahid Kapoor's box office
placed it on the top list in 2019, surpassing Uri Kaushal: surgical
effect, which earned 245.36 crores in the domestic market

Shahid Kapoor’s latest release, Kabir Singh, continued to show
good results even on the fourth weekend, despite competing with
Hrithik Roshan’s latest offer Super 30. Kabir Singh was released
on June 21.


Kassi Sandip Vanga Reddy, Kabir Singh's box office, ranked first
in 2019, surpassing Uri Kaushal: Vicki’s “Surgical Impact”, which
brought in 245.36 crores in the domestic market.

Oddly enough, the film Kabir Singh, which is the first solo
blockbuster of Shahid Kapoor, earned this remarkable earnings,
despite the fact that he was involved in a dispute about the
content of the film. The Telugu hit audience, Arjun Reddy, was
criticized by the audience for glorifying Kabir Singh, an offensive
and misogynistic character, depicting him as a heartbroken lover.


Kabir Singh tells the story of a quick-tempered surgeon who follows
the path of self-destruction, using drugs and alcohol after his
girlfriend (Kiara Advani) is forced to marry another man.

The film became so popular that no other problems, such as
the widely publicized Hrithik Roshan "Super 30" or "Article
15" Ayushman Hurran, could not affect the box office of Kabir
Singh. Kabir Singh’s earnings will likely continue at the same
pace until Kangana Ranaut and the decision of Rajkumar Rao
Hai Qia appear on the screens on July 26.

Collection of box office Kabir Singh. Day 23: Shahid Kapoor film in motion; hovers past Rs 250 crore


Shahid Kapoor’s last sentence, Kabir Singh, made everyone
talk - be it an acting game or a discussion about the misogyny
of the character. For Kabir Singh’s box office collection, all
advertising turned out to be a good advertisement. Regardless
of curiosity or heated debate, viewers flocked to the cinema to
watch Sandip Reddy Vangi’s directorial film to decide for

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, the stars are now breaking
the 250 crore rupee mark to become the highest result in 2019
in Bollywood. Cash collections of Kabir Singh on Saturday
reached 252.14 million Rupees. Since weekends always increase
the film's revenues, Kabir Singh is in good shape.


The last call for Kabir Singh is presented in the form of the
newest release of Hrithik Roshan, Super 30. Despite the fact
that the Super 30 started well, it could not be compared with the
collection of the opening day of Kabir Singh. The trend can
continue for collections of films for life. However, Super 30 slowed
down Kabir Singh's collection, as the movie collections were
limited to 2.54 crore rupees on Friday.


The film is written and directed by Sandip Reddy Wang and is a
remake of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy. Produced jointly by Cine1
Studios and T-Series, Kabir Singh was released on 3123 screens
in India and 493 screens abroad.

In addition to Shahid Kapur, the stars stars Kiara Advani, Arjan
Bajwa, Soham Majumdar, Suresh Oberoy and Adil Hussain.

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