Dev Patel-Radhika Apte from The Wedding Guest leaked into the sex scene, she accuses the "psychotic mentality of society"

TRENDING NEWS After the sex scene Dev Patel and Radhika Apte from The
Wedding Guest were made public on the Internet, the actor
asked why only her name is drawn into contradiction when
Dev Patel also appears in it.

Actor Radhika Apte said her sex scene from “Wedding Guest”
was leaked because of the “psychotic mentality of society”. 


Photos from the sex scene from the movie appeared on the
Internet and became viral. Responding to the leak, Radhika
asked why she was labeled as the sex scene of Radhika when
Dev is also present. “In the film The Wedding Guest, there
are many other beautiful episodes and the fact that one
particular sex scene leaked due to the psychotic mentality
of society. Radhika Apte and Dev Patel were present on the
sex leak scene. But the scenes are spreading on my behalf.
“Why people don’t spread under the name of male actor
Deva Patel,” says Radhika, a Bollywoodlife report.

The film is based on the mysterious British Muslim (Dev Patel),
traveling in Pakistan and India.

This is not the first time that a sex scene from a Radhika film
has leaked online. Earlier, her scenes with Adil Hussein from
“A Handful” by Lina Yadav also leaked.

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