Disney Channel star Cameron Boyes died, she was only 20 years old


Disney Channel star Cameron Boyes passed away when she
was only 20 years old.

His family confirmed this news for ABC, since the cause of his
death was announced as “current state of health”.

Boyce was the star of the film "Descendants" and the popular
TV show "Jesse."

The third film, "Descendants," will be released next month, and
Boyce will play the role of Carlos, the son of the villain Cruella
De Vil.

A spokesperson for the Disney Channel released a statement.

“From a young age, Cameron Boysed dreamed of sharing his
extraordinary artistic talents with the world. In his youth, he had
a strong desire to change the lives of people through his
humanitarian work.


"He was an incredibly talented performer, a surprisingly caring
and thoughtful man, and above all he was a loving and devoted
son, brother, grandson and friend."

“We express our deepest condolences to his family, teammates
and colleagues, and we join his millions of fans grieving over his
untimely death. He will be sorely missed, ”the statement reads.

In recent years, Boyce has been one of the most popular Disney
Channel stars, and Instagram has exceeded 8.4 million. Friends
of celebrities have already taken it to your account to share their
condolences on the photo, which he published only on Friday

Kenny Ortega, director of the Descendants franchise, wrote:
“Peter Pan, boy forever! Love you, Cam! "

Sky Jackson, who starred with Boyce in Jesse, wrote: “I love you.
Forever in my heart."

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