Disney Channel Star Cameron Boyes Dies At 20,


Cameron Boyes, the Disney Channel star, best known for her
lead role in the Descendants franchise, passed away at the
age of 20, according to Variety.

Boyes "died in a dream because of a seizure caused by the
constant state of health for which he was treated," a statement
from his family said. "The world is undoubtedly now without one
of the brightest lights, but its spirit will live thanks to the kindness
and compassion of all who knew and loved it."


Like most of the children's stars, Beuys' career was full of roles
where he played the offspring of the main characters played by
more respected actors, but he played leading roles in roles that
gave him more opportunities than to look charming. He debuted
on screen in 2008, appearing in the horror film “The Mirrors,” in
which he played Kiefer Sutherland and the child Paulo Patton,
was nearly killed by a demon, and in the thriller “Eagle Eye”, in
which he played The Child Michel Monaghan and almost
involuntarily killed the president with a pipe.After a regular role
at the Night Shift General Hospital (child of Anthony Sabato, Jr.),
he returned to the films “Adults and Adults 2” in the role of son
Adam Sandler. Boyce spent his teenage years at the Disney
Channel, receiving the role of Jessie in one of four wealthy New
York children who are cared for by a nanny from Texas. In 2015,
he played the son of Cruella de Ville in the original Disney film:


The descendants launched a franchise with serials, shorts and
additional incomes; Boyce will appear in the third film of the series,
the release of which is scheduled for August 2. He also began to
move to a more adult fare and is expected to be presented in the
upcoming HBO series Mrs. Fletcher.

Colleagues and fans of Beuys mourn him on social networks.
Adam Sandler published a touching tribute, writing that the actor
"cared for the world so much" and mourning the work he may
have done in the future:

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