England vs New Zealand Live Score, Final World Cup 2019: England, new ODI world champions


England (ENG) - New Zealand (NZ), live score, ICC 2019
World Cup. Final: Joffre Archer hands out 15 runs when New
Zealand needs 16 in a Super Ower, which ended in a draw.
New Zealand finishes in second place, and England is crowned
with new world champions because of the greater number of
borders scored in the match and in Super Over.


England new world champions!
Delight for England. Heart broken for New Zealand. Martin Guptill
ran at the end of the attacker. For England, it came home. This is
a great game, and New Zealand has learned it very well. What a
finale it was!

2 of 1, Martin Guptilla strike
Requires 2 runs on 1 ball. Jofra Archer returned after defeat to six.
Martin Guptal hits. In the case of a connected Super Over,
England wins because of more clogged borders.

SIX! James Nisham beats huge
Calm down under pressure! James Nisham falls in the middle of
the gate. New Zealand needs 7 out of 4. Joffre Archer under pressure.

Martin Guptill and James Nisham in the middle
In New Zealand 6:30 am. They watch Super Over to start Monday.
Jofra Archer with a new ball. James Nisham is on strike. Martin
Guptill at the other end. 16 tracks Can New Zealand get it?

England finishes with 15 runs in the Super Auver
Trent Bolt misses 15 runs. Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes coped well
with pressure. Both of them reached the border of each. New
Zealand needs 16 runs for the World Cup title. Jofra Archer will
choose Super Over for England. Who will win for black hats?


FOUR! Ben Stokes collects the border
Ben Stokes falls into a thin border, penetrating the leg area.
Trent Bolt missed 9 runs in 4 goals, and Jofr Archer warmed
up for England along the border ropes. Who will win for England?

World Cup Final Super Over live: Buttler, Stokes from England
Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes are two batsmen for England. Trent Bolt
with the ball for New Zealand. What is the finish line of the World
Cup finals? Best?

What happens if Super Over ends in a draw
The team with the most borders in the innings and Super Over
will be declared the winner if Super Over is tied. England will
fight first, as the team that fought second will fight first in
Super Over.

World Cup Final Live: Super Over will determine the new world champions
What an end it was with the Lord. This is the first in the history
of cricket Super Over ODI, and it happened in the World Cup
final. England took 2 runs in 1 ball, and Mark Wood was knocked
out at the end without a striker. Ice field from New Zealand. Trent
Bolt casually broke the stumps.

England need 2 goals out of 1
Stock on the mixer. Bolt with the ball. England needs 2 of 1 ..

Goal! Jofra Archer drops to 0
Golden Duck for Jofra Archer in the World Cup final. England
needs 15 finals of Trent Bowl. Ben Stokes is on strike. Who is
betting on Super Over? Yes, if there is a draw, the match goes
to Super Over.


SIX! Ben Stokes gets big success
What a coincidence is obtained. Ben Stokes strikes one to the
middle of the gate. Trent Bolt takes the catch but goes over the
rope. Martin Guptill was there for the baton, but Bolt touched the
rope. The six most important runs for Stokes.

Goal! Liam Plunkett on 10
Liam Plunkett falls by 10. James Nisham with a wicket. Trent Bolt
catches long-distance ice fishing. He has to run next time. England
needed 22 out of 9. They lost 7 runs. Ben Stokes holds the key.

World Cup Final live: 10 runs from the 9th bolt
10 ends. Liam Plunkett provides Ben Stokes a good company
in this difficult position. 24 of 12. James Nisham overtook the

34 of 3 overs for winning in England
England needs 34 of the 3 overs. Trent Boult has two overs left.
James Nisham has 4 points. These two will finish it in New Zealand.
The key is Ben Stokes, but Liam Plunkett can hit the long ball.


Goal! Loki Ferguson gets his third wicket
Loki Ferguson supports the hopes of New Zealand. He gets Chris
Wawks with a great bouncer. I felt pressure on Tom Latham when
the ball flew into the sky, and he did an excellent job. Liam Plunkett
joins Ben Stokes in the middle. Tense faces in the dressing room
of England.

Goal! Jos Battler falls to 59
Is there a twist on this tale? Jos Battler wanted to finish it himself,
but took refuge in the depths of the Great Gate for Loki Ferguson.
Wonderful catch from field player Tim Southey. Land raids and
catches from New Zealand were the highlight of their campaign.

Fifties for Butler and Stokes; 100-running rack between them
What was the position. Fans of England feel it. Their dream comes
to the cricket house. Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes hit fifty. They added
over 100 over the 5th gate. What knocks under pressure.

World Cup Final Live
When the situation in New Zealand looked grim, James Nisham
appointed a penalty. Only 4 runs from the 43rd. He almost got
Ben Stokes on a grand scale. Good things to eat. Joss Battler
and Ben Stokes had a word between shots. They should not lose
shape now. These two can get 30 of the last 3 overs.


Cruise in England with a strong position between Stokes
and Battler
Jos Battler needed courage to shoot a wicket on the head in Matt
Henry's latest delivery. He built his game on a fearless approach,
and it works well for England. The partnership between Battler
and Ben Stokes has reached 80 points. New Zealand players do
not have enough energy here. The old ball does little. They need
a miracle and break this rack.

Loki Ferguson, James Nisham Bowling in tandem
Kane Williamson has a double bowling shift. Loki Ferguson
replaced Mitchell Santner and James Nisham from the other
end, replacing Matt Henry. Can a change in bowling help break
this stand? In the locker rooms are tense faces. The World Cup
Final is close to an exciting conclusion.


World Cup Final: New Zealand loses review
Despair from Kane Williamson and Matt Henry? New Zealand lost
its review after an unsuccessful attempt to reconsider the LBW
decision. Matt Henry hit Jos Buttler on the pillows and went on
appeal. Judge Kumar Dharmasena did not betray him, but
Williamson went for review. Ball missed stump feet. This stand
is now at risk. Buttler and Stokes added 61 to the fifth wicket.

50 meter stand between Jos Battler and Ben Stokes
The English crowd at the Lord found its voice. Ben Stokes and
Jos Battler have a great show. They collected 8 runs from Matt
Henry's 8th when they finished 5th in the wicket after the 50th
race. Will these be the names of Battler and Stokes on the front
pages of Tomor’s newspapers in England? Who can give Kane
Williamson a breakthrough here?

Matt Henry to attack again. In his first spell, he shook 7 overs that'
shook the batting division of England. Can he break this position
between Jos Battler and Ben Stokes, who turns out to be

World Cup Final Live
Jos Buttler almost runs. It keeps the scoreboard even when the
query speed increases. New Zealand returned Trent Boult and
brought Mitchell Santner. They know the importance of the Bittler
gate. The England player hopes that it will become a tense chase
for the Lord.

Trent Bowl attacks again
Kane Williamson admits he needs a wicket here. Here is one big
gate. Therefore, he introduces his best bowler Trent Boulte back
into the attack. The partnership with the fifth gate passed the
mark of 25 points. Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes safely play Bolt.


NZ vs ENG live: Colin de Grandhomm completes main
Colin de Grandhom shook in the first 30 frames. The average
pace was unplayable today. It ends with the numbers 1 for 25
in 10 frames. Kane Williamson would have liked this effort from
his average pace. He got a big wicket from Joe Ruth and tied
one end for the duration of his spell.

100 to England at 28th final
100 to England in the 28th final. Ben Stokes, who was one of
their most regular players in the 2019 World Cup, beats James
Nisham on the head to raise the much-needed frontier. Stokes
and Buttler will be key if England returns them home today. Will
Kane Williamson think about returning one of his bowlers from
the special forces to the attack? Maybe time is Mitchell Santner?

NZ vs ENG live: England 93 for 4 halfway
Jos Buttler joined Ben Stokes in the middle, and the bat guardian
now looks busy. This intention was absent from such as Joe Ruth
and Eoin Morgan. Can these two bring England out of trouble?
Is Kane Williamson happy to unite his part-time colleagues Colin de Grandhome and James Nisham in tandem? Maybe it's time for
Trent Bolt? Pull out one of these two and put England under
serious pressure?

Goal! James Nisham shoots Eoin Morgan for 9
What a huge booty in the outfield! Loki Ferguson deleted Eoin
Morgan by 7 to kill him. He dives forward and gets a low catch.
It came to the third judge, but Ferguson was sure that he took
it. Indeed, he was right! James Nisham impresses with his first
World Cup final. Nisham reaps the reward for the good work
done by Loki Ferguson and Colin de Grandhomme.

NZ vs. ENG Live: 5 matches after the classic battle
What is this battle between the bat (helmet) and the ball. Eoine Morgan knows nothing about short bowling, and Loki Ferguson shoots lightning at England's captain. On the other hand, Colin de Grand cannot play at medium speed. England needs to break this rhythm of the New Zealand rhythmers.


Ben Stokes joins Eoin Morgan
Colin de Grandhom breathes fire! He is now unplayable.
Ben Stokes joined captain Eoin Morgan in the middle.
These two can help England get out of this rut. Can they
do this when Kane Williamson is constantly looking for
wickets. Something is going to surrender. Can one of them
go into counter-attack mode?

Purpose! England loses Johnny Barstow on 36
A huge, huge breakthrough for New Zealand! Johnny Barstow
plays it. Fans of England hold their heads in their hands. Loki
Ferguson got a big wicket for New Zealand. This is a huge
success for England, as Bairstow looked compact in the middle.
What a return from New Zealand. They were great on the
knockout stages.

World Cup Final live: Eoin Morgan's new man
England captain Eoin Morgan is a newcomer. Loki Ferguson
runs, and Kane Williamson has an extremely attacking set.
Offside is scored, and on the border there is a man for a
bouncer. Kane Williamson does what he can best - strengthens
his bowlers with attacking fields.

Goal! Joe Ruth drops to 7
Have you ever seen Joe Ruth be so ignorant on the cricket field?
7 out of 30 balls and ends up in a terrible shot. Colin de
Grandhomm gets a big breakthrough. Ruth felt the pressure
from not getting enough points, and even went on the road for
a wild shot. De Grandhomme swims alone outside and then
gets a big fish. Massive moment in this game!


9 points from seventh henry
Matt Henry went for the magic ball, and it turned out to be a
good half-year. Johnny Barstow pushed him to the edge of the
side of his legs, releasing a lot of pressure. In the next ball, he
gets a thick inner edge, which flies to the border. Matt Henry
puts his hands on his hips. Good luck to the owners.

NZ vs ENG live: 3 runs over the last 4 overs
New Zealand bowlers hold it tightly here. Kane Williamson gave
Matt Henry an extended spell as the pacemaker continues to insist
on his seventh. From the other end, Colin de Grandhomm, guilty of
dropping out of the catch, played bowling tight. Win rate decreased.
Can Henry get another one here?

DROPPED! Colin de granddaughter falls nanny
Johnny Barstow got an extra life at the beginning of his innings.
How much will it prove? Colin de Grandhomm, who was led to
the attack as the 1st shift bowler, misses the possibility of an
easy return. Bairstow has been batted for 18 years. He is
disappointed in himself. However, two girls are back to back
in New Zealand. The pressure almost paid off!

Late 10 Overs: England 39 for 1
England scored about 4 races in the first 10 races. Good effort
on the part of the owners, given the quality of fast bowling in the
first 10 frames. Matt Henry was unplayable. Trent Bolt tried to get
his banana swing gong. Jason Roy's luck ended when he turned
17. However, Johnny Barstow looks solid. He holds the key when
Kane Williamson attacks Colin de Grandhome at an average pace.

Johnny Barstow looks solid in the middle
Until now, it has been difficult for batsmen in England, but Johnny
Barstow finds ways to not only survive, but also overcome several
boundaries. Trent Boult is aiming at his sites, but the newcomers
of the England team are well behind the ball and throw it back into
the bowler. In fact, he makes Boulte try different things. Ideally so
far from the newcomer of England.


World Cup Final Live: Joe Ruth is the new man in
Joe Ruth, who won more than 500 runs at the 2019 World Cup,
joined Johnny Baristow, who just passed the mark of 500 runs.
England could not ask the two best batsmen to send this pursuit.
Can these two survive this initial explosion from Trent Bowl and
Matt Henry. Two New Zealand leaders were at the top of their
game with a bit of luck.

Goal! Matt Henry gets Jason Roy for 17
A huge wicket for New Zealand, as they leave dangerous
newcomer Jason Roy by 17 in the 6th round. Roy survived
the LBW appeal in England's first ball of innings. In fact, he
was saved by the call of the judge. But luck ended for a
newcomer in England. Matt Henry gets it with one that is a
bit shaped. Store owner Tom Latham does an excellent job.
New Zealand will receive the first breakthrough. This is
Jason Roy's Big Fish!

Bairstow, Roy attacks amidst the chaos
Trent Bowl and Matt Henry are bowling with some gems, but
they could not link Jason Roy and Johnny Barstow. Whenever
it is possible to attack, both beginners will happily throw their
bat. New Zealand will know that she cannot allow these two to
settle down.


Great start chasing the lord
What a contest between a bat and a ball. Trent Bowl plays
bowling with non-player players. Matt Henry bowling whining
for a stump. Jason Roy is beaten, but he does not give up.
He walks around the gate and confronts a swing. This is an
exciting start. The chase is alive!

DO NOT EXIT! Jason Roy passes LBW appeal

First ball and Jason Roy gets trapped in front. Trent Boult
appeals, but Judge Marias Erasmus does not. Kane Williamson
takes the DRS, and the ball cuts off the stump, but this is a call
for the referee. Jason Roy passed, and the review was left. Great
to start with Trent Bowl. He shapes it in 2 on the right

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