“First impression is last impression”: at the BJP meeting, Prime Minister Modi focuses on animal welfare and humanitarian issues.


New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked shirkers
who were absent while serving as parliament, even though he
was on the list on Tuesday and asked his party to prepare a
list of the missing by the evening.

In both Raja-Sabha and Lok Sabha, ministers perform parliamentary
duties every day for two hours. The opposition writes to the prime
minister if the minister does not appear in parliament.

According to sources, at the BDP’s weekly parliamentary meeting,
Prime Minister Modi asked for a list of ministers who did not fulfill
their duties in parliament.

Prime Minister Modi asked members of the Bharatiya Janata Party
(BDP) to focus on animal welfare and humanitarian issues, since he
developed a plan of action for the government until 2025.

Speaking at a meeting of the parliamentary party, Modi asked the
deputies to pay attention to their voters and put forward an innovative
idea, stressing that the first impression was the last. “Deputies should
work in a team with officers. Focus on animal welfare, as this is the
season when animals are prone to disease, ”he said.


The Prime Minister asked the deputies to regularly visit parliament
and take their accounting responsibilities seriously. Having established
the goals of the government until 2025, Modi said: “Until 2025, the government will deal with social issues. Attention should be paid to humanitarian issues such as tuberculosis, leprosy or disability. All
deputies should work on this in mission mode. "

This is not the first time that Prime Minister Modi asks members of
parliament to take their responsibilities seriously. At a similar meeting
at the beginning of the month, Modi attacked lawmakers who spoil
the image of the party.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the legislator Akash Vijaywarghii,
the son of veteran BDP leader Kailash Vijayvargii, for beating a civilian batsman during the demolition in Indore, the Prime Minister noted that
the BDP leaders had worked hard for several generations to achieve
success of the party and like. Arrogance brings this bad name. “Beta
pussy ka bhi ho, manmaani nahi shalegi (this may be someone’s son,
will not tolerate bad behavior),” he said.

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