Gujarat Budget: Highlights.


The budget of Gujarat was announced on Tuesday as Deputy
Chief Minister Nitin Patel for the remaining eight months of 2019
-2020. Here are the highlights of the budget presented at the

1.By 2022, every house in urban and rural areas of Gujarat will
receive tap water. Over the next 3 years of Rs. 20,000 crore will
be allocated to Nal Se Jal Yojane. including Rs 4,500 crore this
year. The water supply budget grew by 36% over the previous

2.The government of Gujarat announced 1,000 crore rupees for a
new solar roof scheme, which is designed for 2 lakh families per
year. Beneficiaries will be provided with a subsidy of 40% to 3
kW and a subsidy of 20% for a system of 3-10 kW.

3.Gujarat Government allocates Rs 260 crore for the development
of a JMA subsidiary.

4.The State Minister of Finance Nitinbhai Patel allocated Rs. 6,595
for the Sardar-Sarovar project.

5.The government of Gujarat allocated 7111 crores of rupees for
agricultural management and the welfare of farmers.

6.Gujarat has increased its renewable energy capacity from 4,126
MW in 2013 to 8,885 MW at present. 

7.The state plans to increase capacity to 30,000 MW by 2022. Of
these, 20,000 MW will be allocated for Gujarat, and 10,000 MW
for other states.

8.The government of Gujarat allocated 123 crores of rupees for the
new Shetrunjay division and 112 crores of rupees for the preser
vation and reproduction of wild animals and for the protection of
endangered species.

9.The government decided that by the next Ashadibei all farmers who
applied to join agriculture before the date should have an agricultural connection. Thus, new sources of energy will be provided to all appli-
cants up to 1.25 thousand lac.

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