Head of the United Nations calls for greater support for cyclone victim,


Cyclone "Go" and "Cyclone" Kenneth hit just six weeks,
smoothing cities and villages, and in the case of "Idaem",
which in March crashed into the central region of Mozambique,
caused devastating floods as a result of one of the worst natural
disasters that hit to the southern hemisphere.

Speaking to reporters after meeting with the President of Mozambique,
Filipe Newsy in the capital Maputo, Guterres said that cyclones are the
result of climate change - a phenomenon that Mozambique is at the
forefront, but not conducive to.


“It gives (the country) the right to demand strong solidarity
and strong support from the international community”

he said, noting that calls for help after the cyclone did not
receive sufficient funding.

The UN emergency appeal for Mozambique after the “Idai”
received less than half of the requested $ 282 million. The
United States, while donors at a pledging conference at the
affected port of the cyclone city of Beira, raised $ 1.2 billion.
Reconstruction of the United States - again, less than half
of the $ 3.2 billion. It is said that the USA is necessary in

Idai, one of the strongest storms in the entire history of Mozambique,
struck Beira before moving inland, killing a total of 1,000 people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Kenneth struck further north
with winds of up to 280 km / h (174 miles per hour), killing about 4
45 people and turning the rural villages into piles of wood and palm


It was the first time that two powerful cyclones hit Mozambique
in the same season, destroying homes, infrastructure and crops
in areas where many were already living in poverty. It is expected
that as a result of climate change, the country is increasingly
exposed to such extreme weather.


The north of the country, where Kenneth collapsed, is also
struggling with the nascent Islamic insurgency, as a result
of which militants killed more than 100 people, which
complicated the relief efforts after the storm.

Guterres said that the United Nations will help Mozambique
to prevent radicalization of young people, including by providing
them with a counter-terrorism and violent extremism unit to
cooperate with the country.

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