Irritation over the Super Over ICC rules for the World Cup finals: Gambier, Rohit and Yuvraj raise questions


Former cricketers Gautam Gambier, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad
Kaif and vice-captain of the Indian national team Rohit Sharma
expressed their disappointment with the Super Over rule, which
was used in the 2019 World Cricket Final between England and
New Zealand on Sunday.

The 2019 World Cup Final in London ended in a draw, and Super
Over was first used in ODI cricket to identify new world champions. Interestingly, the over-over between England and New Zealand
was also a draw, and England became the crowned champion
because of the more borders that they broke in the final.


According to the rules of the ICC: “In the event of overruns,
the winner will be the team that crossed more borders
(both in the main match and in the super-over). A team that
has reached more limits during the innings in the main match
must be the winner. If it is still equal, then the number of wins
awarded by Super Oy will be taken into account in order to
determine the winner. "

England overcame 26 frontiers (including 6 and 4), and New
Zealand only 17 in the epic finals on Sunday.

New Zealand pursued 16 runs in Super Over, and Martin Guptall,
their newcomer, was knocked out in the Super Over final ball
when he tried to complete the double. New Zealand finished
with 15 and eventually finished second in the 2019 World Cup.

Taking on the social networks the violation of the ICC rules,
India’s former cricketer Gautam Gambier said: “I don’t understand
how in a game with such proportions, # CWC19Final, it was finally
decided who scored the most points. The fun @ICC rule. I was
happy, and @BLACKCAPS & @englandcricket played in the final
nail biting. Both winners are IMO (SIC). "


The vice-captain of India briefly but decisively stated: "Certain
rules of the game of cricket certainly require serious study."

Yuvraj Singh and his former teammate Mohammad Kaif said that
both England and New Zealand were to share the trophy.

“It is difficult to digest this more boundary rule. Something like sudden
death is a continuous supercar until the result is the best solution. Understanding, wanting a certain winner, but sharing a trophy is better
than choosing more borders. This is very difficult for New Zealand,
Uray wrote.

“I do not agree with this rule! But the rules are the rules, I congratulate
England with the final victory in the World Cup, my heart yearns for
kiwi, with whom they fought to the end ?? Great game, epic finale !!!!
Said Kaif.


6 or 5? The rule of overthrow in the World Cup finals creates
In the meantime, questions are being asked whether England
should win 5, not 6 races for overthrowing the final after their
242 chase. England received 6 runs, and the equation fell to 3
runs from 2 balls after the overthrow, which reached the limit
after deviating from the bat player Ben Stokes.

Kane Williamson and Eoin Morgan react to the epic finale
The New Zealand captain was gracious, despite the grief. After a
hard final, he was asked if the rule was an honest way to determine
who would become a world champion.

“I think you never thought you would have to ask this question, and
I never thought that I would have to answer it,” said Williamson with
a wry smile. “Yes, although the emotions of the cheeses are quite
difficult to swallow, when the two teams really worked, it is very
difficult to get to this point in time, and when two attempts to
separate them from the winner and the loser, it does not work.”
You know, it can be like brilliance when one side passes through
it. This is what it really is. There are rules at the very beginning.

“No one probably thought they would have to resort to such
things. But yes, it is very difficult to swallow. Great game of
cricket, and all of you guys probably enjoyed it. "


"There are rules, I suppose, they are not there, and, of course,
what you do not take into account when entering the match, that
maybe if we had an additional border and then tied two attempts
to win it, we are Cross Hell, and they didn’t think of me either I do
not even know what the boundaries were estimated, but we are
a little behind. Yes, very, very hard, yes, like this.

England captain Eoin Morgan said he found out which side would
lift the World Cup in the event of a super-overload only when he
entered the field for the final.


“I asked what would happen because we were sitting on the front
of the meeting, and then, when he approached the chase, we
started to refresh our mind, whether it would be a super-over or
not, and then communicate with [the fourth judge] Alia Darom”
before the locker room before we won, and then confirmed when
we took to the pitch, "said Morgan.

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