ISmart Shankar audience review and assessment


The film, shot by Puri Jagannadha in Telugu iSmart Shankar
in the lead roles: Ram Potineni, Nidhi Agherwal, Nabha Natesh
and Satyadev Kancharan received positive reviews and an
audience rating.

iSmart Shankar is a fighter and director Puri Jagannadh wrote
the screenplay and dialogues for the film, and also created it
in collaboration with Charm Kaur under the slogan "Puri Jagannad,
touring on conversations." The film received a certificate of Censor,
and its duration is 2.21 hours.


History iSmart Shankar: Shankar (Ram) is a local hooligan engaged
in small settlements. He has an account to settle accounts with
people who have offended him. He escapes from prison, and the
police pursue him. But the real problem begins with the fact that
the chip is inserted into his brain, affecting his memory. The way
he outwitted those who conspired against him is the essence of
the story.

Analysis: iSmart Shankar deals with a routine topic, and Puri
Jagannad gives it some commercial elements. The first half
does not have the concept of brain splashing, but the director
makes a mass audience go crazy with mass dialogues and
songs. Viewers say the second half is exciting, and the climax
sequence is extraordinary.


Performances: Ram Potieni showed brilliant performance, and
his actions, dances and dialogues are the main distinguishing
features of iSmart Shankar. Nabha Natesh is a phenomenal
revelation, and she gave her best play. Nidhi Agerval, Satyadev
Kancharan and others also paid tribute to their roles, and they,
as claimed by the audience, are among the assets of the film.

Technical Information: iSmart Shankar has outstanding features,
and Money Sharma base score is the most important technical
issue. Amazing cinematography of Raj Toth, songs, dialogue,
costume design, action and dance choreography - these are
other attractions, add viewers.


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