Mahendra Singh Doni is still a great player: Steve Waugh


Former Australian captain Steve W. believes that his country has
the best policy of phasing out the biggest names, unlike the
subcontinent, when it becomes difficult to move on when players
get legendary status.

During the question, the question was asked in the context of the
debate on the future of Mahendra Singh Doni in international
cricket after India’s semifinal exit from the World Cup.


"It is interesting. Australia definitely does it. It doesn't matter who
you are because you need to move on, ”said Ying during PTI
when asked about Cricket Australia’s pension policy and its exit
from the international scene in early 2004.

But Waugh, one of Australia’s most successful skippers, believes
that it would be wrong to compare the situation in Australia with

“Maybe in the subcontinent you get a little more freedom, and then
1.4 billion people. People are no longer people. They become
legends, gods. It is very difficult to move on, ”he said.

“It becomes harder when people reach a certain age. Mahendra
Singh Doni, whom you are talking about, is still a great player,
”said Waugh.


However, the former captain, who won the world championship,
was pleased with the game in Australia, where he was 12 months

“I think this is a fair comment that Australia succeeded at the World
Cup compared to where they were 12 months ago,” he said of his
country's defeat against England in Edgbaston on Thursday.

“As soon as they reached the semi-finals, they had high hopes.
They may be disappointed this morning, but overall, I think Aaron
Finch did a good job both as a captain and as a player, ”says
Vaughn, who is the ambassador for the ICC community cricket
brand. tournament called Criiio.

Speaking about this initiative, he said: “I think this is a great
initiative, and this is the essence of sport. This applies to sports
at the grassroots level and people who like it. Exploring the spirit
of an athlete.


When they asked him with whom he would invest his money in
the Sunday finale between England and New Zealand with the
Lord, he replied: “I don’t invest in sports. I expect a good ending,
as New Zealand plays well. Now they have reached two finals.
Therefore, I expect a good match.

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