Messages from the British ambassador to the United States consider Trump "inept", "incompetent"


Diplomatic telegrams sent by the United Kingdom’s ambassador
to the United States back to London describe President Donald
Trump as “inept”, “unsafe” and “incompetent,” a British government
spokesman said.

A leak can cause serious diplomatic damage between two
allies in a “special relationship”.

While foreign envoys of all countries are often outspoken in secret
shipments home, there are periodic episodes when such assessments
occur, causing great political confusion. Months of efforts by
Ambassador Kim Durrock and his diplomats to build ties and trust
with Trump and his political assistants will be undermined.

Cables were missed and first published in the Daily Mail.

Darroch used secret telegrams and informational notes to warn
the British government that "Trump's career could end in disgrace,
" and called the conflicts in the White House "knife fights," reports
Daily Mail.

A source in the UK government told CNN that the notes described
in the Daily Mail history are genuine.

Daily Mail reports that the notes cover the period from 2017 to today,
covering everything from Trump's foreign policy to his re-election
plans for 2020.

In a note dated June 22, according to the Daily Mail, Derroch
questioned Trump’s assertion that he refused to respond to
Iran last month after the fall of the American drone, as the
President was told at the last moment that 150 Iranians were
killed as a result of US air strikes .

He also said in a telegram to the Commonwealth Ministry of
Foreign Affairs that, although he believes that Trump cannot
afford to lose much support, he believes that there is still a
“safe path” for his re-election.

The White House told CNN that he has no comments on this

A telegram leak came at a difficult time in British politics, when
members of the Conservative Party are now choosing a new
prime minister to change Theresa May, who was actually
overthrown by her own parliamentarians for not voting for her
country in 2016 because of European Union,

“The British public will expect our ambassadors to provide the
ministers with an honest and frank assessment of the policies
in their country. Their views do not necessarily coincide with
those of ministers or even governments. But we pay them for
frankness. As in the USA. "The ambassador here will send back
his materials on politics and figures of Westminster," - said the
British FCO.

“Of course, we expect ministers and civil servants to properly
handle such advice, and it is very important that our ambassadors
can offer their advice and maintain confidentiality. Our team in
Washington maintains close relations with the White House and,
no doubt, will resist such harmful behavior, ”the statement said.

A favorite for this position, Boris Johnson will most likely seek to
establish a closer relationship with Trump than with May, who has
made great efforts to take care of the president and established
respectful relations, but has never been politically connected with
him. If it goes out of the EU, the UK will make a bilateral trade deal
with the US, and Trump is expected to make a difficult deal. Thus,
there will be suggestions that Darro's leakage of records was a
politically motivated act of someone in London to make room in
Washington for an ambassador who openly supports Brexit.

Derroch also served as national security adviser to former Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron and the main UK representative to the EU, therefore, although he is a professional
diplomat, he is not considered philosophically associated with the
crowd of hardcore brexitters who are expected to lead him 10
Downing -straight.

Johnson is unpredictable, politically incorrect, populist and deeply
criticizes the EU and is often accused of unclear facts - features
that he shares with Trump.

There is still no response from the president on Twitter.

But Trump never felt obliged to criticize the British government.

In May, he was embarrassed several times after criticizing her
attitude towards the Brexit talks. In June, he plunged into the
internal affairs of Great Britain, openly supporting various
candidates from conservatives in the election of a leader. And
he has long led enmity with the mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Darroch was delighted with the success of Trump's trip to the
UK in June, which mostly went without a problem. However,
his position in the Trump administration looks challenging at
best. Although his recordings are very delicate, given the
source, the unflattering image of Trump's White House will be
what the readers of the American media will recognize.

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