Oh! Baby Twitter Review: Fans feel that Samantha Akkineni’s film is emotional and interesting at the same time.


Samantha Akkineni Oh! Baby is ready to release today, and
it seems the fans already love the movie. The cinema attracted
a lot of attention, and not only that, but also became the first film
made by a woman to be released early in the morning in Chennai.
The film is preparing today for release in cinemas in India.

However, oh! Baby is already released in the United States of
America and receives rave reviews from viewers. Fans who have
already watched the movie share their early reviews on Twitter,
and if they are going to pass by, star Samantha Akkineni is a
decent time.


Shortly after the film was released in the US, fans began sharing
reviews and positive tweets, such as “#OhBaby at the same time
entertaining and emotional. This film deserves so much success
at the box office for the heart that they have invested in the
creation of this gem! Congratulations @ Samanthaprabhu2 ',
' #OhBaby in motion. The premiere of the collection will cost
100 thousand dollars by 15:30 Pacific time on July 4 in the
USA. At the moment, the gross is $ 100,133. @ Samanthaprabhu2
The starry force on display, like many others, has begun to flow.
Take a look:

Every child was spent. The actress was last seen in Madzhili
opposite Naga Chaitanya, which she received. Children's romance
Naga Shaurya, except Samantha Oh! kid

Usually it is only Thalapathy Vijay, it is a little different,
it is a little different.


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