PUBG LITE for PC is now available for free download: all players will receive special in-game prizes.

PUBG LITE for PC is now available for download in India.
The game is still in beta and is open only to those who
have previously registered.


After so many months of waiting, the PUBG team finally
brought PUBG LITE to the Indian shores. The game is
finally available for download in India, and those who
registered during the pre-registration period will be able
to download the game. Selected players must go to the
PUBG LITE website and download the PUBG LITE .
launcher to start the game. Please note that players can
play the game even on inexpensive gaming laptops.

With PUBG LITE, the PUBG team wants to appeal to
gamers who do not have high-performance gaming
laptops or PCs, but want to experience PUBG. The
game has been optimized for low-end computers, but
the developers say the game will provide a genuine
PUBG experience that is used in layers in the full game.


In addition, to increase it, the game is available for free
download and play. Unlike the full PC version of Steam,
which is usually sold in India for 999 rupees, PUBG LITE
is available for free. The game is based on a similar free
model PUBG MOBILE.Despite being free, players can
play on all three popular cards - Erangel, Sanhok and

To play PUBG LITE on a PC, players must make sure that
their computers are equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor
with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz, at least 4 GB of RAM and 4
GB of disk space, as well as Intel HD Graphics 4000 with
DirectX11 support. For best results, your computer should
be equipped with special graphics.


Please note that the game is still in beta testing, and therefore
there is a chance that there will be several errors in the game.
Currently, the game is open only to those players who registered
for the game during the pre-registration period. After completing
the beta, the game will be available to everyone for free.

To download PUBG LITE, players will need to go to the site and
log in using their account. After entering the game, you can
download the PUBG LITE launch module, which, in turn, will
download the game files from the server.


Prizes include the Tigra M46 and the Shhita parachute for
everyone who has been pre-registered. Over 100,000 registrations,
PUBG will award Black Scarf, Punk Glasses and Bloody Combat
Pants. When registering 200 thousand players, a PUBG golden
scarf, a striped long-sleeved shirt and a red sports top will be
distributed. All of these awards will be issued in the game through
codes that will be sent to players by mail.

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