Review of Kadar Kondan: Vikram passes through this rather exciting thriller


You know that you are in the film Rajesh M Selva, if there is
at least one character who is held captive in the hope of
promoting the story. He views the character simply as a
plot device. This happened to Tongavanam, where it was
Vasu (Arman Abdullah). Here Akshara Haasan (her voice
sounds like the voice of Shruti Haasan), playing Aatira,
married to Abi Hassan (who in some angels is like Vikram
Prabhu), who by coincidence calls her ... Vasu.

Rajesh M. Selva seems to have developed a fetish for writing
scripts in which air drops lead characters into ridiculous situations
(read: Hollywood thrillers). If Divakar (played by Kamal Khaasan)
was caught in the middle of a drug mafia in Tongavanam, then
K.K. (Vikram disappoints) is one of two warring investigation
teams led by a Malaysian police department. There is also a
joke about Thoongavanam, which raises a tense mood.


With a smooth duration of 120 minutes in Kadar Kondan, there
is not a single boring moment (thanks to M. Gibran, whose score
lifts the spirits), which perhaps could be called the greatest
achievement of the film, given the type of film: the action movie
. thriller. He opens the wounded KK, who performs the mission
"Impossible Hunt for Ethan" - jumping from the twin towers of
Petronas. While he is on the run for his life, we meet Vasu and
Atiru, who have just settled in Malaysia. The duet is pretending
to be a happy young couple that doesn’t worry too much about
life. Atira is expecting her first child (girls), and questions are
saved by their past (a runaway couple?)

When Vasu goes to work, she asks who will take care of them in
his absence. To which does she respond: “But for me?” The scene
makes the audience feel warm. You need more natural moments
to make the characters feel less alienated. Vasu works as a nurse
in a hospital where KK treated for injuries. You understand where
I'm going with this, right? Vanity is not new, but a well-written script
does its job. Rajesh Selva builds a story well, allowing us to play
a guessing game. But, like KK, the film also needed an adrenaline
rush that would make it even stronger.


By now you know that Kennedy (Hey, KK can be anyone!)
There is a secret life. He is a double agent who became a
mercenary. One problem with Kadaram Kondan is that chunks
of information - which have helped in character development -
serve as passing references. It can be said that this is a much
better approach than the prehistoric one. But writing becomes
convenient in some places. For example, QC relationships with
a less significant character are revealed at the end. But why?
Does it change anything? Not.

But Vikram himself has little to offer in Kadaram ... although he
breaks bones, takes bullets and performs his own stunts. He gets
fewer lines and makes him wonder if he is preparing for the next
film with Mani Ratnam. K.K. for Vikram not an exceptional character
- he would have coped with it, even if he had gone through an
intense diet for me. But given his recent choice, Kadaram ... definitely
a welcome respite. Abi Hassan and Akshara, although quite
comfortable in their roles, are greatly mistaken.


If it were Bollywood, we would have 20 articles with opinions about
nepotism. But we do not use the word "N" here. The problem is that
they do not make you feel your characters, especially Abi Hassan.
Every time he is with Vikram, you no longer feel his helplessness
and can literally read his thoughts: “Look, I'm with KK. That means
I'm safe.

For a long time, we had pretentious thrillers and films about double
agents, where the directors softened the script, spoiling the audience
of Kodambakkam. In this sense, it is pleasant to watch a movie that
does not apologize for its approach. Just for this Kadar Kondan
matters, if not great.

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