Shahid Kapoor about criticism of Kabir Singh: this is so hypocritical, who are we to judge the characters?


When Kabir Singh was harshly criticized last month, director
Sandip Reddy Van turned to the controversy around his “deeply
problematic” and “misogynistic” protagonist, played by Shahid
Kapoor. But Kapoor himself remained a mother on this subject.
Now, from a short distance, the actor is faced with contradictions.
“I'm sure people should be wondering if the film has become a
blockbuster now, so why would I want to know what people are
saying or thinking?”

When Kabir Singh finishes one month in movie theaters, Kapoor
first addresses criticism in an interview with Bollywood Hungam.


“Who are we to judge characters?” “Why are we judging characters?”
This is so hypocritical. When you see people in Hollywood doing
such things, you say, “Wow, so brave!” But someone here does it;
“How dare you?” You have the same standards, Kapoor said in a
video interview.

Kapoor said that he prefers to keep silence from all the noise,
because he wants to "use this opportunity as an experiment and
see if the film can withstand this storm."


Many have accused Kabir Singh of “glorifying” poisonous
masculinity and “normalizing” violence against women. Singer
Sona Mohapatra called Kapoor portraying the role of "deeply
rooted in misogyny and patriarchy."

However, Kapoor said that he does not believe that his character
has any problems other than anger management.

“He has only one problem - anger management. Cabir is fine.
When he gets angry, he spoils everything - be it the love of his life,
family, career or best friend. Otherwise, there are many positive
qualities in the character, ”he added.

In an interview with Film Companion, Van justified Kabir by striking
his girlfriend, Preity (Kiara Advani) in the film, saying: “When you
are deeply in love and deeply connected with a woman (and vice
versa), if you don’t do this, you will have the freedom to spank each
other, then see nothing there. "

He also expressed the opinion that women who said that they do
not like the scene do not experience true love.

Speaking of a certain sequence in the film, Kapoor said: “So, if
Kabir hadn't hit Preity, would it be good for everything else he did?”
Because he hit a girl you consider unacceptable and therefore
unacceptable. We want you to feel that this is unacceptable, and
his behavior is out of control. That is why the whole second half
of the film about his fall. He urinates in his pants during a break
in the movies. "

Many noted that Kabir did not suffer enough for his actions in the
film, because the film ends with a happy note when he receives
the love of his life.


To which Kapoor said: "Who can solve this?" My question is:
“Did he suffer?”. Much, less or more, this is completely their
point of view, if someone believes that Kabir should have suffered
more than just a picture. , Bana Lo (you make the movie yourself).
Stop watching and start making a movie, then we will have the
opportunity to watch your movie. "

Kapoor also drew parallels between Kabir’s character and Ranbir
Kapoor in Sangju, saying that they both had the same problems.

Citing two episodes from Sangju in which Ranbir Kapur, who plays
Sanjay Datt in a biopic about an actor last year, says that the
character of Anushka Sharma slept with more than 308 women
and hung the toilet around his girlfriend Ruby (Sonam Kapur)
Kapoor said: “I liked it because this is the character’s main space
, and therefore his behavior cannot be built and limited. He needs
to do what he needs to do. You can say, "I hate this guy."

There is no rule that a character should be only a villain of a movie.
He is a character. He can be the main character or antagonist.
You can go out and say, "I hated this guy," and I will take it as a
compliment, because it means that my performance was so damn
good that you really hated him, because I wanted you to hate him
for a moment . "

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