Starbucks apologizes after six officers said they were asked to leave the store in Arizona,


Starbucks brings another public apology more than a year
after the officers arrested two blacks at a store in Philadelphia.

However, this time the coffee giant apologizes to employees
of the police department of Tempe in Arizona.

In a statement on Friday, the Tempe Officers Association said
that four officers entered Starbucks for coffee. The barista
approached the group and told the police that the client “did
not feel safe” because of their presence.

“The barista asked the officers to leave the line of sight of the
client or leave,” the association said. Ultimately, the staff left
the store "disappointed."


“Such an attitude towards state security workers could not be
more gloomy. Although the barista was polite, it was generally
offensive to make such a request, ”the statement said.
"Unfortunately, this treatment became too common in 2019."

A few hours before this announcement was published, the
association released a modified Starbucks drawing, on which
a hand spilled coffee with the inscription “Starbucks Dump”.
Graphics also led to the #DumpStarbucks hashtag on social


“Some of the officers who were asked to leave were veterans
who fought for this country. Zero respect ... "- read the post.

Rossanne Williams, executive vice president of Starbucks and
president of US retailers, issued a statement on Saturday stating
that the company met with the police chief.

“When these employees entered the store and the customer
expressed concern about their presence, our partners (employees)
should have welcomed them and treated them with respect and
respect. Instead, they were forced to feel undesirable and
disrespectful, which is totally unacceptable, ”said Williams in
a statement.

Williams said the company is "deeply grateful" for the Tempe
department and for the officials who serve this community.


“Our partners rely on your service and welcome your presence,
which makes our stores and society a safe and hospitable place,”
the statement said. “What happened in our store on July 4th has
never been such an experience that your employees or any
customer should have, and at Starbucks we are already taking
the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again in
the future. "

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