Tom Cruise surprises Comic-Con by first shooting Top Gun 2,


In an unexpected speech, Tom Cruise went to the Comic-
Con panel on Thursday morning at Paramount Pictures to
present footage from Top Gun: Maverick, his long-awaited
sequel to Top Gun. Top Gun, which was regularly quoted
along with Jaws and Star Wars as one of the films that
transformed Hollywood into a blockbuster factory, was
originally a high-octane aerial drama, broadcasting Cruise's
tricks right on the screen. While Top Gun 2 got into hell of
development after Tony Scott left in 2012, Cruz took Joseph
Kosinski (Oblivion)   to continue Mach 5. When the release
date 2020 was blocked and loaded, many doubted when
something would happen finally take off.

But after the explosions of superheroes, the show of fast and
furious stunts and the own series “Cruise: Impossible” (which
Paramount ordered to continue in a row, after the success of
Fallout), what kind of thrill can Top Gun: Maverick offer? The
first trailer of the film, which premiered on the panel, offers a
small insight into the cruise and vision of Joseph Kosinski.


“Everything you see in this film is real. We work with the fleet. I
wanted to give you the experience of being in this plane.

A trailer of pure nostalgia seasoned with airplane stunts. The spot
opens in the desert, with jet tests flying through the desert. Turns
on Ed Harris' voice-over, bending Maverick Cruise, who still does
his job after 30 years. “You will not retire. You refuse to die.


"This is one of the mysteries of life, sir."

From there, the trailer takes off with a classic Top Gun score and
multiple return points. We see Maverick in the cockpit, taking off
from an aircraft carrier, at an angle that you can get only if the actor
is the one who really controls this damn thing. At sunset Maverick
aircraft on motorcycles. Navy pilots drink a storm and then play
beach volleyball. Trailer checks all the boxes.

We also see Maverick at the Navy funeral. Rumors that Gus might
die in this sequel may well be his emotional failure.


Then it's just more tricks on the plane. We see another wild sequence
in which three planes fly through the snow-covered mountain range.
There is something elegant in the frames, even if it serves to excite
the senses. The cruise has been in this business for a long time - but
now it is competing with young people. This is built into the narration.

Commander Ed Harris returns to the screen. "Your view on the brink
of extinction, Maverick." He probably talks about drones, but he can
talk about the movie star herself.

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