Tournament Overview ICC World Cup 2019: Bat-First Advantage, NZ Best Bowling Unit & More


What an epic finale!

It was a throbbing and gnawing nail, and it was tragic that it
had to end in a heartbeat for one team and ecstasy for another.

England beat New Zealand in the calculation of borders after
a draw and a super-draw in the 2019 World Cup Lords Final,
which was the greatest final in the history of the tournament
and one of the most exciting cricket matches in the history
of sports,

It was the perfect ending for one of the most exciting world
championships in history.

After a month and a half and 48 matches, the main flagship
cricket tournament has a new winner.


England was lucky for the fourth time, and their victory completed
one of the most remarkable changes in the history of this sport -
from not holding a quarter-finals at the 2015 World Championships
to winning the 2019 edition - this mini-revolution in England was
based on a policy of total aggression. Although it was their
destructive batting that led the way, their bowling was also
outstanding, and they enhanced it when it mattered.

The victory of England also meant that the hosts raised the
coveted trophy for the third time in a row.

Unpredictable world championship with a number of closed


The 2019 World Cup has also been the most unpredictable
and open since 1996. Australia was a favorite in 1999, 2003
and 2007 and won quite a lot. In 2011, there was a rally in India,
and no one made bets on Australia at home in 2015. England
started to play in the favorites in 2019, stumbled and was almost
overthrown before the semi-finals, but returned in good style,
winning 4 games in a row to win the tournament.

In the second half of the group stages, the biggest upset of the
competition took place - Sri Lanka defeated England, as well
as the revival of Pakistan - and this ensured that tensions and
tensions in qualifying for knockouts remained until the very
end - this made the Tournament more exciting and unpredictable
, and any of The four true semifinalists or Pakistanis can lift a

There were 12 matches in this World Cup, where the victory
limit was less than 25 tracks or less than three wickets. Add
to this the final - that is, 29.54% matches can be called close

If we compare this with the two previous issues, the
corresponding percentage will be 16.67% (2015) and
12.5% ​​(2011).


At first, batting was a clear advantage in the 2019 World Cup
. 28 out of 44 matches were won by the team that won the first
- this percentage 63.63 was the second highest in 12 issues of
the World Cup after 1987 (70.37%). The corresponding percentage
in 2015 was 50%.

The average batting result was the first in the tournament to be
266.26, while the corresponding result in England between the
2015 and 2019 World Championships was 272.5 - 6 times higher
- the field lethargy and the pressure of the world tournament - two
possible reasons for , to beat the team, somewhat conservative
in this World Cup.

There was an increase in the overall running speed from the 2007
World Cup (4.95) to 2011 (5.03). However, the run speed actually
fell at this World Cup, although only slightly to 5.59.



New Zealand, like Australia in 2015, was the best bowling team
at the 2019 FIFA World Cup, suggesting that the two most powerful
bowling divisions had raised the last two World Cups.

The average value in New Zealand in bowling of 27.86 is the
lowest (best) at the 2019 World Cup. As well as their impact
level of 34.1. Not only did they effectively select wickets, they
also choked the players with an opponent's bat — their bowlers
were the most restrictive in this tournament, bringing only 4.89
. Just for perspective, England has the second best level
of economy(5.11).



Seven batsmen had a total of 500 plus in the tournament.
Rohit Sharma topped the run charts with 648 runs in just 9
innings, at an average of 81 and a hit level of 98.33. This
included 5 hundred - most in one world championship.

Kane Williamson, who was declared a tournament player,
scored 578 runs from 82.57, including two fifty and two hundred.
New Zealand had the worst starting position at the world
championships, and it was Williamson who consistently saved
them and played the role of an anchor throughout the tournament.


Mitchell Stark was the best player in the tournament with 27 wickets
in just 10 matches, an average of 18.59 and a hit rate of 20.5. His
exploits included two five-year and two four-year catches. None of
the bowlers chose more wickets at any stage of the World Cup.

Shakib al-Hassan and Ben Stokes were two outstanding generalists
of the tournament. Shakib scored 606 runs on average at 86.57,
and also chose 11 wickets in the tournament. Launches a bag of 7
wickets to go with his 465 runs at the World Championships.

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