Transformation Tuesday! Photos before and after Kiara Advani that you shouldn't miss,


In 2014, Kiara Advani debuted in Bollywood with Mugit
Marva in Fugly. No doubt she deserved the recognition
of critics for her work; many called it "promising", but the
film could not affect the audience, forcing it to remain almost
unnoticed. Few people knew that the same girl would continue
to perform one of the most courageous and innovative actions with Lust Stories and now her latest film, Kabir Singh.

On Tuesday, during this transformation, we will be introduced to
Kiara Advani’s amazing journey from her first film to today, when
she not only grew as an actress, but was well-groomed. It would
be wrong to say that she is one of the beautiful combinations of
cute, hot and sexy among modern actors.


If she played Megu, a young Indian bride exploring physical satis-
faction in Lust Stories, she also pulled out an innocent act of Preity
against a rather aggressive, hot-tempered Kabir Singh, both with
equal conviction. In addition, she was so beautifully sexy in the
song Kalank First Class, that we believe that Kiara definitely has a
long way to go in Bollywood. What do you think? Here, check it out
earlier, after the photos below.

Transformation Tuesday with Kiara Advani       




Reminds us of this interview when Kiara Advani believed Salman
Khan that he helped her to “believe in herself” after defeating Fuggle
at the box office. “I was a little upset, considering that it was my debut
film. I got into the shell - I did not know how the industry functions. I
took advice from Salman Khan. He told me that I just need to believe
in myself. "

He told me to be patient, and good things take time to come.
I was waiting for good movies after the release of Fugly. My
second film was important. I kept waiting, and the period streng-
thened me. I would rather wait and do something worthwhile than
make bad films, ”Kiara said in an interview with Asia Epoch.


With two successful blockbusters in his filmography, starting with
MS Doni: “The Untold Story” for Kabir Singh, Kiara is now preparing
for Good News with Akshay Kumar, Karina Kapur Khan and Diljit
Dosanj and then again with Lakshmi Bomb opposite Akshay Kumar.

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