Weather News in Manchester LIVE, 1st World Cup 2019 semifinal: light rain hit Manchester

Semifinal World Cup 2019, IND vs. NZ Live from Manchester:
the game was canceled due to a long rain on Tuesday, and now it
will be completed on Wednesday. The game will resume from
where it was stopped on Tuesday, but signs are still ominous
today. Rain threatens to play the argument again, as the
darkness of Manchester continues to make everyone wait for
some action on Old Trafford. Stay tuned for weather updates
from Manchester and live scenes as we continue to prepare
for the game on the first reserve day in history.

12.20 IST: there is still a little rain in Manchester, but if it stops,
the game should start on time at 02.30,

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For many today, the sky will be on the cloudy side with torrential
rains, mainly in the north. Usually you land south with some of
the brighter spells possible this afternoon. Feel the heat and
humidity, especially in brighter spells. Maximum temperature
22 ° C.


Cloudy, with flashes of rain spreading tonight. Sometimes the
rain could be heavy, especially over the hill. Feeling warm and
stuffy at night. The minimum temperature is 14 ° C.

10.00 IST: If New Zealand does not get the bat again, India’s
revised target:

46 overs will be 237

40 overs will be 223

35 overs will be 209

30 overs will be 192

25 overs will be 172

20 overs will be 148

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