Tribute to Cameron Boyce follows the premiere of "Descendants 3"


The Disney Channel Descendants Saga reached its epic end
on Friday, rewarding its heroes and villains - and everything in
between! - with a happy ending they deserve.

Before weigh, let's summarize: the descendants of the three
begin with Mel, Evi, Carlos, and Jay returning home to announce
which four villains will join them in Auradon. Advertised as VK Day,
this is a very important agreement with your own music number.
And given how boring life on the Island of the Lost is, it would be
fair to assume that these children have been rehearsing this
choreography for only a few months. It is tight.

The happy fours were Dizzy, daughter of Cinderella Drizzella's
half-sister; Celia, daughter of Dr. Fasillera; and Squee and
Squimi, the twins of First Deputy Captain Cook Media. All of
them are very glad that they were accepted, as well as countless
other children who obviously spend months spending time
rehearsing “It's good to be bad” for nothing - some of them
literally break out of their beds to join this flash mob. (Hey,
there's always the next VK Day, right?)

Returning to the land of magic and privilege, King Ben offers
Mala, giving everyone in Auradon something to celebrate.
Well, almost everything. Princess Audrey, presumably M.I.A.
from Descendants 2, because she was busy dyeing her hair
with all the colors of the rainbow, not at all excited. Neither
her grandmother. And not one of them even pretends to be
hugging his future queen.

This puts Audrey at a crossroads: she can either run away
from Ben - and, you know, maybe take a few hundred photos
that she still keeps about him in her bedroom - or she can
direct all her rage into an inspiring R&B jam , and then steal
the Queen’s crown and the scepter of Maleficent from the
museum. A heartbroken royal chosen one chooses the
second option (a shocker!) And declares war on Ben's
future bride.

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